The time is coming for competition results… .

Greetings to you all on this blustery Spring day. I am thrilled to announce that I am about to award prizes for out FIRST writing competition. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all the stories and poems and have truly been impressed with the variety of original ideas.

I must say, there seems to be a greater knowledge of environmental issues than when I was 16. I was involved in a recycling initiative at my high school in Swaziland, and it seemed then that I stood alone from my contemporaries. There I was, a representative from the school for the country’s prime green project called Yonge Nawe, meaning nature conservation. I believe there is a growing consciousness and sense of responsibility amongst our youth, especially today’s educated youth, which was far from the norm when I was an adolescent.

So look out for the prize entries and winners early next week!


Hello everybody,

I am excited to be writing this first post simply because it means, we are officially up and running! This is a time when oral storytelling is being reclaimed worldwide and used to enhance learning and remind us of the power of our imaginations – something that seems to have been dormant for a while – if you get what I mean. (Back to that later.) So we here at the GBSP want to do just this, enhance learning, and help individuals realise the power of their imagination and potential to make changes for the better.